Gordon Business Law is boutique law firm specializing in the unique solutions to complex business matters for innovative and growing entrepreneurs. We act as special corporate counsel, offering business and finance design, to proven acquisition and sales transaction guidance in order to support the leaders to make wise decisions, and to achieve effective growth.  Through our unique, proven processes, our clients achieve greater satisfaction and confidence while minimizing risk and unnecessary taxes.

Gordon Business Law

Entrepreneurs in all fields face three significant faces for business success: innovation, scaling, exiting.  Our firm has experience professionals qualified to attack and resolve special projects, complex negotiations, compliance and governance, entity design with ongoing support. We have decades of real experience in drafting and enforcing business contracts, trademark and intellectual property matters, human resource issues, tax planning, strategy, growth initiatives as well as asset protection and timely transition strategies with great results.  If you are going to undertake a risk to create business – why not make it great!?

Because business is tough enough, we offer valuable insights to achieve results quickly and creatively. We find that achievement requires understanding, bias towards action and effective partnerships with talented teams.  Why not enjoy the business development journey with talented teams?

The wisdom of applying knowledge and insight at the right time, manner and strength helps our team improve your business with greater confidence.  We design optimal structures, processes and strategies with a watchful eye on compliance, prevention and protection.

Our passion and novel approach help deliver sustainable results and help you enjoy with confidence.

Our team offers the following evaluations:

  • X-Factor Question– Insight into the Ideal Future
  • F-9 Analysis – Future without Fears; Awareness with Agility
  • Kolbe – Greater Insight into the Team’s Unique Default Instincts
  • 10x Growth – Vision Mapping in chunks – T.O.M.
  • Strategy Circle – Problem Analysis and Prioritization
  • IPPP Intellectual Property Portfolio Plan – What You Should and Must Protect
  • Talent Management – Critical to Attract, Develop and Retain the Best
  • Finance Due Diligence – Blind Spots?
  • Your Competitive Marketplace – Insight, Opportunities and Threats
  • 3-P – Mastering Product, Process and Personnel Advantages
  • Unique Abilities Focus – Distinguish Your Best Core from the Rest
  • Values – the Why things matter (MOLO)

Whether you are just starting or you have been active in business for years, we can help you deal with legal matters and challenges that arise. We have the knowledge and experience to work efficiently and in a cost-effective manner to help you reach your business goals quickly.

Feel free to contact our team of Attorneys at Gordon Business Law at (801) 651-6888 or Scott@GordonBusinssLaw.com.