When you operate a commercial business in Utah, it is in your best interest now and for the future to have all your legal matters done correctly, and to have all your company assets protected. At Gordon Business Law, in Salt Lake City, UT, we offer comprehensive Business Law legal services and representation to owners of businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurship to global corporations.

We have helped numerous business owners resolve complex commercial business matters, including taxation, compliance and employee issues. Our Founding Partner, Attorney Scott Gordon, has been licensed to practice law in Utah for 18 years, since 1997. In addition to Business Law concerns, we help clients with other critical legal issues that influence business success.

Utah Business Law Services

Our Business and Legal Counselors are skilled in the area of law practice that regulates business operations, including, but not limited to the following services:

  • Commercial Law – Primarily governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, this are of law regulates sales, banking, bankruptcy, consumer credit, landlord/tenant, real estate and other areas of commerce and consumer transactions.
  • Contracts – Valid agreements that are enforceable by law; includes duty and consideration.
  • Tax Planning – Create strategies to minimize the taxation and meet financial goals.
  • Asset Protection – Legally protect assets and property from civil judgments and creditor claims; trust creation, business succession.
  • Entity Structure – Create the entity structure that is most beneficial: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit
  • Corporate Governance and Control – Resolve problems with stakeholders; address control issues to reduce risks
  • Employee Benefits – Insurance, perks, profit-sharing/bonus plans, required and optional benefits, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, disability and leave programs
  • Trademark and Patent Defense – Infringement issues; get favorable ruling when challenged; fair use and parody defense claims
  • Consumer Development – training and product promotion strategies

We help clients with immediate legal problems and with long-term planning and company development. We believe the best defense starts with day one legal representation and planning together to achieve the results our clients desire.

Make sure your business operations are on the right track from the start. Consult with our Business Law & Legal Counselors to develop a winning strategy for your company, and use our knowledge and experience to help your business grow and prosper today. Start today, with an initial consultation to determine which course of legal activity will bring best results.

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